Anna Marie, portrait photography

Hi friend, 

Portrait photography has always been my passion. I've had this passion for portrait art all the way back to middle school but I started developing it when I got my first 35mm at age 20. 

When I first started my business in 1998, I photographed a lot of high school graduates. The girls are totally into the moment but the boys are another story. I usually have to tell the boys stupid jokes or ask them about girls to get them laughing. I love hanging out with young people, they own big dreams. 

After I capture your beauty, I look carefully at each image, changing the exposure, contrast, and cropping a few of them. I might copy some images and turn them to black and white. I might have fun with photoshop filters and give you a couple of these modified images.

Every portrait session includes a flash drive with finished images and a copyright. Within two weeks you will have your disc in your mail box. You will be able to print the images any place of your choice. 

I love creating a mix of traditional, contemporary and journalistic images. Let me capture some amazing images that will remain your favorites for many years to come. 

Anna Marie:) 


  1. This was a fun stop during my internet work. Keep dreaming and believing and loving.
    Your friend,