My nutrition and fitness journey

Hey friends and family,

So here's my nutrition journey and I'm sticking to it! Anna Maries life from elementary years. I was this bleach blond, and blue eyed little girl who greatly loved her friends and dad. I was so cute that after my dad spanked me one time he apologized. I made him feel terrible for doing that! I loved big parties and lots of barbie dolls. My mom use to tell me, "Anna, you have every doll they make." I think I did and still that wasn't enough. As a little girl like many of you women, I would compare myself to these perfect barbies. Dang Barbie had the perfect body! I just want to know, did she ever use her life to help others? Well of course almost no one has that body but we all want it, right?

Then the years in high school were all about starving to get that shape. So many adults around me were in to the stupid fad diets, and I just chose to starve myself. I didn't want to count calories so that was easier.  It was all about looking very good in those very tight jeans. In my home we never talked about a lot of things. My mom always worked full time, there was four of us and she struggled with Chronic Fatigue (Fiberminulsia). I have no idea how she went to work every day, took care of us and struggled a great deal with this health problem.

Graduating from high school I had NO vision, goals, mission statement, ideas for my future or even an idea of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was still into starving myself because I think it was one thing I could control. When I met the man I married I was in a cloud knowing nothing about what made me happy. Barbie got married, had children and lived happily ever after, right? 

When I look back I'm thankful that I had a camera and I used it. I have loved portrait photography from my junior year in high school. It has always been  something that was used for my personal healing. I see things so right behind the camera! 

When I was pregnant with my fourth son I got these amazing visions. I saw myself as a confident business owner helping many people. These pictures of my future and my children kept me going forward with excitement for our future while in a difficult marriage.  

I was married for 23 years! Can you believe it? I got these amazing boys out of that deal! Again, I felt so out of control in my life and food was something I could pretend to control if I ate little of it. I lost weight after the first three babies but after the fourth baby I couldn't loose the weight. 

At age 43 I began my amazing journey of self discovery! Finding out who Anna Marie is and what makes her tick. I started to reconnect with old  girlfriends and talk about all kinds of things. I was given this amazing book that changed my life, "The Secret." 

I started changing ONE bad habit in my diet and life at a time. One of the first life style changes was totally giving up french fries. I said it! That is one of the worst things you can put in your body! I started changing my diet just ONE THING AT AT TIME. Because for the first time in my life I didn't want to starve to get the shape I wanted. I wanted changes that would stick in my life and for the rest of my life. Really at this time in my life I began loving Anna Marie. What a concept! 

I have this girl friend who's been in my life through the great times and the not so great times. I met Cindi Thordarson in Middle School and we were the first girls they let into the Woodshop class. What did I make....a barbie house! Oh by the way it was really my teacher who made the whole thing. I told him I was scared of the big blades and begged him to make the whole house. He did!  

Through changing my bad habits ONE AT A TIME, I started working out regularly as well. Let me tell you friend, if you get better nutrition into your body great things happen! One day at a time my appetite changed and I lost weight. Every time I gave up a bad habit I replaced it with a good habit. It's  looking at a situation in a better way, a new way. Visualizing what I wanted to look like, where I wanted to be in three days and then in five years. Visualizing myself helping people has changed my life in amazing ways.  

I have kept the weight off for years now and I eat everything I want to eat! I LOVE staying fit, I love eating all the time and I love craving healthy food. My fast food is Vitamin Cottage. They all know me at the Castle Rock location. 

I love teaching my beautiful boys about food and the right way to look at it. I love teaching them how to visualize their future. I talk to my boys all the time about using their talents, going all the way with them, and helping a lot of people along the way. I talk to my boys about everything! 

Push yourself to become great in nutrition, fitness, business, healthy relationships and live one day at a time. Look at weight loss and nutrition changes as a life style not a diet. Get together with friends and just talk for hours about what matters to you. Get a new perspective on old problems! Hang out with friends who have high goals and a mission statement for their life. If you don't know where you are going, how will you get there?

These two books changed my life, "Principles And Power Of Vision" by Dr. Myles Monroe and "The Secret" by Rhonde Byne. 
Enjoy your journey, help a lot of people and be amazing! 
anna marie kraft:)

*Successful in business, fitness and relationships.
*Helping a lot of people on their journey to great success. 
*Loving and respecting many people. 
*Trusting God every day.

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